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I think I have something real interesting for ya’ll and you should really listen to me. Don’t worry about Fergie as we will get back to her photos. In fact, I have got right here so nice photo that we will discuss later. And now, here is the deal.

Yesterday, I was so damn drunk that nobody could stop me from getting in my car and going to my local grocery store for buying more bear. Or maybe I thought that I was unstoppable. The party was at my place so I don’t usually getting that drunk but in that day obviously something went wrong.

Suzy and I have settled to have a good friendly sex upstairs in five minutes so she went up preparing and I was kind of busy too. You see, she is my ex girlfriend so it is kind of hard to be friends with her again, especially having sex. This was supposed to be our first sex since we broke up. So I went getting drunk more to be brave. But all of the sudden we ran out of all booze. I was pretty drunk so I said Jimmy to watch the house and be in charge while I go to buy some drinks. But all I remember after that is that he called five more dudes and they took me out of my car before I even started it. Yeah, I was drunk and they did great. By the way, sex has been canceled as I went sleeping. 

So now you can get back to ours Fergie naked pictures but I suggest you to watch first the one where she is holding a cigar.